The PC Hardware Database


The heart of the machine
The processor defines how fast the PC will be. The amount of cores, their clock and IPC are important.

Graphics Cards

Defining performance in games
A strong graphics card is important for performance in games and in tasks like Machine Learning.


Where everything connects
The motherboard holds the other components. Primarily its socket needs to fit to the processor.


When more is more
RAM holds all the data programs need to function. Without enough ram the PC will be very slow.

Hard Drives

Cold storage
Classic hard disks are a good solution to store data that is not regularly needed.

Solid State Drives

For programs you use often
Modern SSDs provide fast access to data, improving system responsiveness.

Power Supplies

It won't work without energy
Translating electricity to the voltage needed by other components.


The outer shell
Good cases make building the PC easier, provide enough air flow and look nice.

CPU Coolers

Cool and quiet
Air or AIO water cooler are supposed to cool the processor quietly and efficiently.


Your window into this world
Monitors vary a lot, with different resolutions, refresh rates and panel technologies.

A complete hardware database

Sometimes you just want to know what's out there. The hardware database lists useful information like specifications, review links and images for all types of PC components, including motherboards, RAM and SSDs.