Your ressources to build the best possible PC

PC Builder
Helping you to get it right
The smart PC builder uses current prices and benchmarks to give you a good PC for your budget.
Hardware DB
A comprehensive hardware database
Use the database to see what's out there and get specifications, images and links to reviews.
Ranking old and new cpus and gpus
The benchmark ranks old and new processors and graphics cards, based on real performance.

A smart PC builder

The pc-kombo builder is based on a recommender system. You enter your budget, it returns a complete PC with parts that work well together. This PC part list can then be configured according to your preferences.


A complete hardware database

Sometimes you just want to know what's out there. The hardware database lists useful information like specifications, review links and images for all types of PC components, including motherboards, RAM and SSDs.


A useful benchmark

To choose you need to know what is better. The meta benchmark enables you to compare current and old processors and graphics cards. It is ideal as it does not rely on synthetic data, but on real performance benchmarks in games and applications.