Update: GTX 1650, more filters and AIO coolers

Nvidia released the GTX 1650 today and it turned out to be a bad release. The $150 card performs worse than the cheaper RX 570, it is only a small step up from a GTX 1050 Ti, as evident in the direct benchmark comparison. But it’s in our system now and you can add it to your build if you want.

Cases and cpu cooler got a bunch new filter option, both when creating builds and when browsing the parts lists. Cases can now be filtered for their fan mounting and radiator support, how many 140mm fans can be added for example. And cpu coolers, which had almost no filter option so far, can now be filtered for height, socket support, and even radiator length and cooling type.

Those last few filters might be surprising because AIO coolers were missing so far. Since air coolers were till recently always the best option for budget optimized build, AIO coolers were just not interesting for us. But with the i7-9700K and i9-9900K there are now consumer processors on the market that get hot enough to make AIO coolers relevant, they are basically being needed to allow overclocking of these processors. That’s why AIOs got added, with full compatibility checks.