Even more gpus for the benchmark

Earlier this month the gpu benchmark got its first set of legacy gpus, the GTX 900 series. Now it got some sets more:

  1. The GeForce 700 series
  2. The GeForce 600 series
  3. The GeForce 500 series
  4. The Radeon Fury series
  5. The Radeon 300 series
  6. The Radeon 200 series
  7. The Radeon HD 7000 series, from the 7970 to the 7750

Lots of care was put into having enough benchmark data available to create a correct order. Whenever a card was not placed in a reasonable position by the algorithm, more benchmarks were added to provide a more accurate picture. That’s especially a challenge when comparing graphics cards from vastly different generations, for example the new GT 1030 with the old Radeon HD 7850 from 2012. Which one would you expect to be faster? The benchmark can answer it now (it’s the 7850).