You can hack two Wraith Stealth together to get one better cooler!

Blogger chunger over at Studio 939 shared a cool hack today showing how to combine two Wraith coolers. If you ever asked yourself whether it is possible and has a positive effect on cooling performance, please go check out his article. But the answer is yes!


The DIY expert argues that while even a cheaper cooler like the 212 Evo will cool better than his construction, Wraith Stealth coolers come with the processor, so after some PC upgrades (maybe by people around you that ended up using a different cooler than the provided) it is quite possible that you come into possession of multiple of them. So it is useful to know your second one is not completely useless.

To make the hack work he had to use a dremel and remove the mounting bracket of one of the coolers. He also drilled holes to make longer screws fit into both of the coolers at once, into the mounting holes originally meant to just connect the fan to the heatsink. So they line up like this:


In the end apply thermal paste between the heatsinks and connect the two together while adding the fan to the top:


And it actually provides better cooling than just one single Wraith Stealth cooler. But go check out the original article to see how much, and for an explanation of the details.

Maybe it is not the easiest of hacks, at least you need to have a bit of equipment and some knowledge how to use it. But nonetheless I think it is really cool that the hack actually works. And maybe it can be improved with a few design iterations?

All photos kindly provided by chunger