GeForce RTX Super Cards

For those wondering, Nvidia’s new graphics cards are on my radar. The cards are not available yet, that’s why they are not in the system. But I already collected some benchmarks to be prepared next week.

Those benchmarks and first reviews are very positive. The RTX 2060 Super beats the RTX 2070, the RTX 2070 Super almost matches the RTX 2080, both are cheaper than the cards they will replace. The RTX 2060 non-super will stay available.

Computerbase wrote (in German):

It’s certain already: GeForce RTX 2060 Super and GeForce RTX 2070 won’t be easy to beat [by Radeon RX 5700 and Radeon RX 5700 XT], since both cards are clearly better than their predecessors.


The Super video card launch packs more punch for a refresh than we would typically expect, but it also moves the stack around in interesting ways. The 2060 Super has relatively large gains in performance that put it close to the original RTX 2070 in most instances and the 2070 Super is very nearly a 2080, although not quite. It has moved the 2070 SKU up to a TU-104 die from TU-106, though, and that’s significant.

And finally Digital Foundry:

That said, the firm has form in delivering great products on the eve of a new AMD launch - the GTX 980 Ti’s arrival ahead of the Radeon Fury X, for example. Regardless, the end result is a brace of GPUs (with one more to follow) that take the existing Turing cards and power them up, making them more performant while undeniably delivering more value.

So really attractive cards that will probably end up in recommended builds as soon as they are really available. I’ll add meta benchmarks results as soon as possible after they reach the market in a separate article.