New Intel Core i9 gets very very hot

Intel releasing consumer processors with 8 cores is a big deal, and I know that many gamers were very excited about this release. If the hexa-cores are already stronger than Ryzen, how much better will the new processors be? It turns out not that much, at least in games. But it will take some time till the meta benchmark gets an update, so we will cover this later. For now, let’s look at their temps.

Because it turns out the i7-9700K and especially the i9-9900K get very hot. Hardware Unboxed released a review video showing this graph:


Note that the air cooler reaches 84°C without an overclock, which is very high. And this is not your run of the mill air cooler, the Noctua NH-D15 is right at the top of air cooling performance. As a result, overclocking these processors will basically be impossible, and even without overclocking you need the best cooling money can buy to run them properly.

This is a problem. In the following days we will adapt the hardware recommender to prevent users from accidentally combining these processors with cooler that are too weak for them.